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Meal Preparation & Delivery FAQs

There are many programs out there offering everything from meals with some preparation required to fully prepared and ready to eat.  What makes us different from the rest?  Quality, locally sourced ingredients and menus designed with the YOU in mind.  We take everything into consideration, your health needs, dietary restrictions and general food preferences

Do you offer a vegan menu?

Vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian...we have you covered!

Can you cook for gluten-free clients?

Gluten free is no problem at dinner thyme!  Your menu is custom designed to fit your dietary needs.  Our chef is  certified in general nutrition, and has an excellent knowledge of food related issues.

What program options are available?

After an initial consultation with you, we will propose a menu that fits your dietary requirements and tastes.  You can select  2 weeks(10 meals) or 1 month(20 meals), which included 5 entree choices with side dishes per person.

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