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A Culinary expose of Travel & Leasure in Banos Ecuador.

Welcome to Banos Ecuador! Thats pretty much what you will hear upon your arrival, and yes there are many english speaking nationals here. A little Spanish goes a long way, and will make your visit more enjoyable.

First thing, lets look at the cost of visiting Banos. Apart from your flight and transfers, the cost for a week in Banos is very affordable. For the budget minded, these are the basic costs;

  • 7 nights hostel stay: $90

  • Transportation; taxi, bus and mountain bikes $1 to $8 per day

  • Food; $5 per day

  • Tours; $5 per 3 hour destination

  • Entertainment; varies from free to whatever you may want to do.

  • Shopping; you can find everything from locally produced foods, confections and clothing.

So basically, for about $300 or less, you cam have a great time in Banos. Of course if you are looking for a luxury option, this is also an option and you still wont pay more than $900 for an exclusive pampered vacation.

How about a little more information about what you can do in Banos¿

Tourism is one of the most important activities in Baños de Agua Santa, therefore, in recent years, it has been constantly changing and innovating. The city has a growing reputation as a tourist destination due to its privileged location at the entrance to the Amazon jungle, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Through the years, Baños has notably increased its tourist offer; currently, the tourist index grew thanks to the tourist campaign undertaken by the national government, "All you need is Ecuador". Tourism in the city focuses on its natural beauty and adventure sports. Regarding ecological tourism, the city has spacious green areas around it, and most of the nearby forests and tourist attractions are under its jurisdiction.

The town's tourism is closely related to the rest of the canton; The main attraction of the canton is nature, endowed with a high biodiversity. It is one of the most touristic towns in Ecuador; It is also known as "La Puerta del Dorado" and also known as: "El Pedacito de Cielo" due to the tranquility offered by its surroundings. It also offers many attractions: you can visit the Basilica of the Virgen del Rosario de Agua Santa, you can visit the different waterfalls, climb the Tungurahua (volcano), try the melcochas (sweets made from sugar cane), there are varieties of handicrafts made in balsa and tagua made in other places and resold in this town.

Baños de Agua Santa is a city suitable for practicing various adventure sports such as: rafting, canyoning, canoeing, rock climbing, jumping bridges, horseback riding, ecological walks, canopy, mountain biking, etc. It has 5 municipal spas with mineral and sulphurous waters that range from the cold of 18 °C, to the thermal of 55 °C; They emerge from the bowels of the Tungurahua volcano. It has a pink zone where more than 30 clubs, bars and discos.4 In this city you can access more than 80 restaurants with varied national and international cuisine. Baños is also a center of religious pilgrimage as the hot springs are popularly associated with "miraculous" cures due to the influence of the Dominican community that has been settled in this area for a long time.

Looking for more information or have a few questions, contact us today;

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