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A return to the Chocolate Factory, because once is never enough.

So by some mystery of the Universe I ended up back at the Chocolate factory once again. Something to do with the ministry of transportation in My day started with a brief meeting with Victoria in la Ronda, a popular tourist destination in Quito. the plan was to deliver some chocolate to a number of potential vendors in the area. The plan was axed due to a demonstration close to the Government buildings in the central park. Under the circumstances we decided to reschedule for Saturday, and Victoria offered to give me a ride back to my hotel. This is were it gets weird. Apparently her license was about to expire, and she had to return home before 4pm or risk getting a heavy fine. We missed a turn and the clock was ticking. So, it seemed that I would have to return to her home and have her father drive me back, to funny. The results however were great. It allowed me to further interview Victory about her life and business...and meet the Here are a few great moments with Victoria at the Chocolate Factory.

Thats all folks, I hope you have enjoyed this little share! Stay tuned for more about chocolate, and remember Christmas is coming. Victory Chocolate would make the loved ones in your family very happy! Have a great weekend!

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