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Adios Canada, Hola Ecuador!

After a successful Spring & Summer, I'll be heading afar to seek new opportunities and adventure. Home for the next 6 months will be Ecuador...

I have always felt a connection to regions South of the here, be it Mexico, Cuba, Colombia. There is something about the way they live, that is reminiscent of my childhood...Canada was different then, it's changed. And, unfortunately not for the better. Actually the Western culture has changed as well. We seem to have lost direction and purpose. Although I write primarily about food and travel, I also touch on culture, environmental issues and social causes. It's really all related.

Culture is what makes everyone different from who they are and where they originate. It embraces all the aspects of human life and their way of communicating and interacting with other human beings. In this case, food is one of the main important roles in people’s lives and influences the impacts on their culture. Many cultures have different varieties of food and ingredients and this is a “fusion of foods and culture” (Gean Vecchio, 2009). “You are what you eat,” (taboo, 2002) it doesn’t matter how they eat it or how they cook it as long as it represents them and their culture. There is a strong link between culture and food, this includes their religion, traditions, festivals and other social engagements.

In religion, food is one of the most important parts of religious ceremonies such as in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The role of food in religious culture is an important part of showing respect among their communities and many of these religions obey the religious commandments. With the decline of religious virtues or even spirituality in western culture, we have seen the disappearance of social values. Take a look around, does everything really seem okay. Sure, we have plenty of stuff, but for the most part we are spiritually bankrupt .

Having had a spiritual awakening, I have decided to live part of my life in a world that I remember, I found this in South America. Sure, they have problems as well, but the core values, traditions and family are still strong and real.

So with little reservation, I'm on my way! My posts won't be as typical or regular as the past year, but exciting and informative. I've included a link at the bottom to my pro chef blog archives, as the pro chef network will be no more soon. Not to worry all the content including downloads will eventually be found here!

CHEERS, enjoy the ride and check back with us to see what's new!

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