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Band Camp, an Expose, "Music at Port Milford". A Collage.

So, I was up to something new for a few days...Head cook at the Port Milford Music Camp. A very interesting experience, reminiscent of days past working at Camp Wanapitei during summer break from teaching culinary arts at Canadore College in North Bay.

I was very impressed with the operation, which provides a healthy environment for these very talented young people to develop there skills. There are numerous dates throughout the season to take in live performances by the kids, both at the venue and throughout the PEC area. If you love music, don't miss this last chance to catch them below...absolutely fabulous!

Thanks for dropping by, and if you are a true patron of the arts, please consider making a donation to MPM! Every dollar counts towards helping young people develop in the fine arts, especially when the arts have been tossed aside in our education system as of late. Cheers!

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