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Christmas Baking

It's the sweetest time of year! The holidays are a time for tradition and for many home cooks, that includes certain classic desserts. Treat your family to these magical Christmas confections, from a decadent chocolate yule log to sweet sugarplum candies. Not only are these must-make desserts delicious, but many of these recipes are great for holiday gifting, too!

Australia & New Zealand

Fun fact! Pavlova, one of the most famous Christmas classics around the world, was first made in New Zealand (or Australia, accounts vary). This sweet, pillowy dessert, made with egg whites and sugar and topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit, is now a fixture on Australian Christmas tables.


By far, the most popular Christmas dessert across the Caribbean is this Christmas cake - also known as Black Cake or Rum Cake. Whatever the name, all are a version of a rum filled fruit cake.


It's no surprise that many of the best Christmas desserts in the world come from Mediterranean countries, famous for their produce and sweet breads like Italian Panettone.


Whether you are enjoying a White Christmas in Europe strolling through Christmas markets or spending your festive family time in the pool during an Australian summer, dessert is an essential part of every Christmas menu!

You will find many of these typical Christmas desserts at the Christmas markets around the world, but it’s far more fun to try and make them at home too.

Now of course a few interesting recipes for your Christmas Baking Projects!

cinamon rolls
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cream cheese french toast pudding
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mint chocolate brownies
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We have tons more in our recipe database, join today for access to hundreds of recreational and professional recipes and cookbooks.

Cheers, and have a great week!

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