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Christmas Entertaining

When it comes to Christmas entertaining, there's no denying that it can be a lot of work. But with proper planning and a few thoughtful touches, you can create a memorable experience for your guests. Imagine the warm glow of festive lights, the comforting aroma of mulled wine, and the joy of spending time with loved ones. By putting in the effort now, you can enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable holiday season. So why not start planning your Christmas gathering today? Your guests will thank you for it!

If you're looking for fun activities, set up a Christmas cookie decorating station for guests to create their masterpieces or host a karaoke night with holiday hits that everyone can sing along to. The little ones will enjoy watching classic Christmas movies as part of a marathon or writing letters to Santa—you can supply them with stickers and stamps to give their notes a little extra flair. And if you're looking for quirky dress code ideas that adults and kids alike will have so much fun with, tell everyone to wear Christmas pajamas (the Drummond family wears matching sets every year!) or ugly Christmas sweaters. That one is always a hit! Spreading holiday cheer has never been easier thanks to these Christmas party themes and ideas. So go on and deck those halls. It's time to party!

'Tis The Season For Giving: Parties With a Purpose 

  1. A Storybook Christmas. Invite guests to bring a children's book to donate to the local library, school or literacy center. For extra fun, have everyone dress as a favorite character!

  2. Fill Santa's Sleigh. Ask each guest to bring a gift to fill Santa's sleigh. Donate the gifts to Toys for Tots or to a local family in need. As a bonus, ask one of your guests to dress as Santa's helper and make a big show out of collecting the donated gifts.

  3. Trim My Tree. Do you have a friend in their first apartment or home? Perhaps there is someone you know who lost a home to a flood or fire this past year? Host a Trim My Tree party and invite each party guest to bring an ornament to help provide Christmas for a family in need.

  4. Christmas in Vegas. Invite friends to come over for a night of cards, dice and Vegas-style fun! Then, donate a percentage of the proceeds to a local charity. Encourage participation with some signature Vegas cocktails.

  5. Friends of Rudolph. Invite fellow animal lovers to a party at the local dog-friendly park. Provide snacks for the pooches and their people and a prize for best-dressed pet! Encourage each pet owner to bring a toy, food or cash donation for the local shelter.

  6. Building Christmas. Organize a group of friends for an afternoon of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. You can invite the crew over after a day of meaningful labor for tool-themed Christmas cookies and cocoa.

  7. A Christmas Auction. Invite each guest to bring an unwrapped toy to donate, and then auction off the toys to the highest bidder. Donate the money to a charity or a family in need. Genius tip: If you host a Christmas Auction, use SignUpGenius to let guests share what they plan to donate, so that bidding excitement can start even before the party.

Girls Night: Make Time For A Ladies-Only Party  

  1. Wrap & Wrum. Don't wrap alone — host a wrap and (w)rum! Invite the girls to bring their gifts and wrapping supplies, and serve delicious hot rum toddies to make this holiday endeavor something to look forward to.

  2. Pajama Party. Formal events are fun, but sometimes you need a break from the dress, heels, hose, makeup, and those look-your-best party Spanx! This also gives people an excuse to try out those adult-size holiday onesies.

  3. Scrooge Party. The Scrooge party is an escape from holiday hustle and bustle and cheer. Offer non holiday-themed food such as Chinese takeout or margaritas and watch a chick flick. No talk of sales, wrapping or recipes allowed! 

  4. Cookie Exchange. It's a classic party theme! Bring over several dozen of your best homemade goodies, and go home with a delicious variety to share with holiday guests and your family.

Puttin' on the Ritz: Dress for the Occasion 

  1. Black Tie. Glam up your party by turning it into a black tie affair. Keep your holiday decor simple for this theme party, like a white canvas for your fabulously dressed and colorfully bejeweled guests!

  2. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. If there is an opposite of the Black Tie Event, this is it! Make sure to offer a prize such as a gift card to either a classy or tacky clothing store for the most ho-ho-horrifically dressed guest.

  3. Christmas Character Party. Invite friends to come dressed as their favorite Christmas characters. Anything goes — from the nutcracker or the three wise men to Yukon Cornelius or Scrooge.

  4. A Gatsby Christmas. Your friends will love dressing up in their gold and glitter for a 1920's Gatsby-style Christmas ball.

  5. A Groovy Christmas. Host a '70s Christmas party! Guests can dress in the decade's best, and you can include vintage toys in your party décor and spin music from the era.

For the Children: Kid-Friendly Party Themes 

  1. Santa's Cookie Crew. Bake a couple of batches of simple sugar cookies in holiday shapes. Let the children decorate their cookies with colored frosting and sprinkles — who doesn't love frosting and sprinkles? Organize materials with a party sign up!

  2. A Caroling We Go. Organize a group of children for an evening of caroling. You can travel door to door to entertain the neighbors or go to a local retirement home.

  3. Reindeer Games. Plan an afternoon of reindeer games, such as a reindeer relay, a backyard dash(er) and a prancing/dancing contest.

  4. A Gingerbread House Construction Contest. Provide the basic supplies, and have children work individually or in teams to build gingerbread houses. Give prizes in multiple categories, such as sturdiest, tastiest and most colorful.

I could go on and on, so many ideas. I imagine you have some of your own. Need a little help pulling it off? Give us a shout at Dinner Thyme, one of our Private Chefs would love to help! It's getting down to the wire folks, and don't forget about New Years Eve!

Cheers, and have yourself a Merry little Day!

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