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Communication in Business 2023


n my opinion nothing has really changed in business communication. Period. I could end the blog here, but I feel the need to explain.

With technology moving at a pace never seen before, we are led to believe that sales and marketing are done exclusively via channels such as google and social media platforms. While there are benefits to doing business in this manner, it certainly is not exclusive.

.For years, people pitted “traditional” and social media against one another. Some harbor the misconception that as social budgets increase, traditional media budgets have to decrease to balance the books. And as people continue to increase there use of social media, there’s the fear that social media will eventually replace traditional media entirely.

Traditional media describes channels like TV and print ads, radio spots, billboards and other non-digital forms of media that target a broad audience. With traditional media, the goals are usually straightforward: increase awareness by getting in front of as wide an audience as possible and improve or change people’s perception of a brand.

On the other hand, social media describes a variety of digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others that allow for targeted distribution and audience interaction. Goals associated with social media include increasing awareness and perception, but also cover customer service, retention, sales and advocacy, too.

At the end of the day, you do need to use social media and online marketing to bring attention to your brand, but not to the extent that is often implied. The old school model of in person, telephone calls and business cards are still what will ultimately sell your products. If anything at all electronic media such as this blog only serve to bring attention to what your company does and to lend some credibility. Ultimately, I believe old school methods are still best.

In the past, transparency in business was a taboo concept. From food recipes to employee salaries, the more opaque your organization’s operations were, whether to the public or your own workforce, the better your chances to succeed.

But what exactly does an organization have to gain by opening itself up to scrutiny and competition? Here are some of the biggest perks as reported by companies that are already doing it, employees who want more of it, and consumers whose decisions are driven by it.

In conclusion I would like to add that as a business owner I also have to deal with companies that provide goods and services and am also very picky about who I deal with. The number one thing that will turn me off working with another organization is transparency. Basically, and I am sure most of you would agree, can I easily get a hold of them via phone or email, and also how quickly they respond to my inquiries. Here at Dinner Thyme we respond to emails within a few hours, and phone calls the same day. I also conduct my personal life in the same manner. It's called being human.

Here's hoping for a New and better way of doing business. A smile, a handshake and goodwill is really all it takes to be successful in life! Cheers, and have a happy hump day!

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