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Cooking vs Dining Out or Delivery.

We spoke the other day about the economy of shopping vs Dining Out or delivery. Today, let's take it one more step. I prepared a three course meal for peeps for $9. The same dinner taken at your local bistro would be $120++

Course 1 Mexican tortilla soup

Course 2 tri coloured bow tie pasta with spring vegetables.

Course 3 mocha peanut butter and banana bread pudding

Naturally sourcing and preparing this meal yourself makes cent's, and cents turn into dollars! There are a few more options. Try a meal delivery program. There are many different types, meals on wheels to yuppie high end "do it yourself" kits. Another, better option is "personal chef/private chef services. Why is it better? You work with a chef to plan a healthy, delicious weekly or bi-weekly menu that fits your needs. Change it up as often as you like. Reduces your grocery bill significantly, less stress, more time with family, etc. If this is something you would like to explore, feel free to contact me at

Or call me at 1-613-922-9168

Cheers, and happy cooking!

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