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Culinary Software Solutions

Software of any kind is simply a tool to help us simplify mundane tasks. Chef's deal with many clerical tasks on a daily basis, such as scheduling, food costing, inventory and so on. Because I am a little bit old school, I use both paper and electronic documentation. So, let's take a closer look at the options available to us chefs in 2023. I will present them in the order of my unprejudiced likes to dislikes, and try to explain my reasoning.

I have been using this platform for over 25 years, even when it was mainly a household kitchen recipe management program. Today, the software is geared towards the professional kitchen with many features that I really like. In addition to recipes, you can calculate food costs, do nutritional analysis, create events and much more. I should also add that mastercook is a very reasonably priced solution that comes with a cloud account, an app in addition to the desktop licence. You can purchase a full licence with a one year cloud subscription for $90 US. Click on the image to find out more about this fully functional and affordable solution.

EGS CALCMENU provides you a simplified way to achieve centralized recipe management, quick recipe analysis and improved cost control. Our box and customizable solution options give you access to our advanced modules - Merchandise, Recipe, Menu and Menu Plan Management, to integrate and digitize different parts of your workflow to eliminate operational inefficiencies to propel your business forward. At this point calcmenu is only available as a cloud solution, and the platform is still under development. Calcmenu is also one of the most expensive solutions with a $1000 plus per year price tag. I'm sure that once the platform is complete, this cloud version will shine like it's previous windows version.

Centralize your culinary process and save time, money and labor with one tool for recipe developing, testing, organizing, sharing and training with a database of thousands of ingredients, chef-tested yields, invoice processing for food costing, docs for training materials to eliminate binders and drive storage, nutrition and allergen functionality, and user-driven updates constantly improving the experience. Join the meez community of chefs and culinary professionals sharing culinary content. As above, meez is also very expensive with a very basic option starting at $25 US a month.

I also like COOKKEEPBOOK, a simple cloud based program with full functionality, and most of the tools found in much more expensive options. Pricing starts at $9 per month, or $90 per year. They also offer a free trial, which none of these previous programs don't.

That's about all folks! I should also mention that many of the tools found in these programs can be found right here on Dinner Thyme in our software & tools repository for a very reasonable monthly or yearly subscription. Cheers, and happy hump day!

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