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A doughnut or donut (/ˈdoʊnət/) is a type of food made from leavened fried dough.  It is popular in many countries and is prepared in various forms as a sweet snack that can be homemade or purchased in bakeries, supermarkets, food stalls, and franchised specialty vendors. Doughnut is the traditional spelling, while donut is the simplified version; the terms are used interchangeably.

Doughnuts are usually deep fried from a flour dough, but other types of batters can also be used. Various toppings and flavors are used for different types, such as sugar, chocolate or maple glazing. Doughnuts may also include water, leavening, eggs, milk, sugar, oil, shortening, and natural or artificial flavors.

The two most common types are the ring doughnut and the filled doughnut, which is injected with fruit preserves (the jelly doughnut), cream, custard, or other sweet fillings. Small pieces of dough are sometimes cooked as doughnut holes. Once fried, doughnuts may be glazed with a sugar icing, spread with icing or chocolate, or topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon, sprinkles or fruit. Other shapes include balls, flattened spheres, twists, and other forms. Doughnut varieties are also divided into cake (including the old-fashioned) and yeast-risen doughnuts. Doughnuts are often accompanied by coffee or milk. They are sold at doughnut shops, convenience stores, petrol/gas stations, cafes or fast food restaurants.

Although I'm not a huge donut fan, I do enjoy an old fashioned or maple glazed on occasion, eh?

Just about anywhere you go in North America you are bound to find a vendor making fresh donuts at county fairs, special events and such. There is also bound to be a premium donut purveyor somewhere close by. Dooher's donuts in Campbellford Ontario is one such example, basically a Krispy Creme style offering that is quite good.

On another note you may want to try making your own Artisan Donut with the following recipe book.

Download PDF • 5.62MB

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