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Erotic Foods that inspire Passion

Hold on, it's not Valentines day, right? It's coming though, just like The holiday season is also a passionate time. I guess this is a post about passionate foods or sexy foods you might say. So what are these foods that fall into this category?

Foods That Are Proven Natural Aphrodisiacs, According to Nutritionists

The bottom line is, foods that are proven aphrodisiacs are part of a diet that contributes to healthy blood circulation, can help balance hormones, and enhance vitality, all necessary to increase libido. The energy held within food, its cultural legacy and ritualistic associations, and a food's scent, texture, shape, and color can all trigger arousal—bearing in mind that the brain is the body's largest and most potent sexual organ.

  1. Chocolate; In ancient Mesoamerica, the Maya and Aztecs believed cacao was food of the gods, and used it in rituals for its purported connection to blood rites. Montezuma, the Aztec emperor known as a great conqueror, used chocolate to "fuel his romantic trysts," according to a New York Times article. The article also notes that the Aztecs may have been the first on record to establish chocolate as an aphrodisiac, linking it with sexual power and enhanced libido.

  2. Avocado; Millennials may be credited with the avocado toast trend, but the fruit has been popular since at least 500 BC. "The Aztecs called them ahuacatl, which some say translates into the word testicle," says Poon. "Though this name is likely attributed to the avocado’s shape and growing patterns, avocados do offer fertility enhancing benefits. Half of an avocado contains about 10% of our daily recommended vitamin E dosage, and vitamin E has been shown to support fertility in both men and women." She adds that avocados are also rich in B vitamins, which can aide in energy and vitality.

  3. Ginseng; Emperor Shen-Nung, known as the father of Chinese medicine, purportedly used ginseng as an aphrodisiac to stimulate sexual appetite and manage erectile dysfunction. Poon, pointing to an NIH report, says, "ginseng is thought to have been discovered more than 5,000 years ago, and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to increase libido ever since."

  4. Honey; For centuries across cultures, honey has been used for its therapeutic powers. Although it's primarily sugar and water, it boasts a complicated chemical composition, which is specialized depending on what type of flowers on which the bee feeds. A NIH report on the medicinal use of honey notes it's a powerful antioxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, with benefits to the cardiovascular system.

Additionally, "it contains compounds necessary for hormone balance, including estrogen and testosterone, which are necessary for a healthy libido," says Richards. "Honey is also dense in the element boron, which enhances blood flow." It's purported that the ancient Greek scientist Hippocrates used honey to sustain sexual vigor, perhaps due to these properties.

  • Figs

  • Saffron

  • Strawberries

  • Oysters

  • Maca

  • Red walnuts

  • Salmon

  • Lobster

I could go, but not necessarily all these items are clinically proven to boost sex drive. The first four are pretty well known to be effective. Additionally, general good health and well being will boost your passion. How about a recipe with our number one spot, chocolate! And being the season to be jolly, let's go with a festive challenge!

Buche de Noel
Download PDF • 232KB

French buttercream
Download PDF • 224KB

Modeling Chocolate _ King Arthur Baking
Download PDF • 136KB

There are a number of other pastry items such as ganache, meringue and even store bought confections that can be used to decorate your seasonal showpiece.

To finish up let me recommend a few of our own CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS. I don' t recommend many things, unless I actually use them myself, and Victory Chocolate by far surpasses any chocolate you will ever eat. It might even heat things up under the

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