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Food in Season

We celebrate four distinct seasons in Canada. When we’re eating fruits and vegetables in season, it means we get to enjoy them at their peak freshness. Plus, we love to support our local farmers!

Despite our cold winters, there are many fruits and vegetables that we can enjoy at various times throughout the year. Farmers and researchers continue to improve varieties and growing techniques and sometimes with the aid of greenhouses and other improved growing technology or through improved breeding through plants science they have been able to extend the length of time a fruit or vegetable is available.

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When you live in Canada, winter is a pretty big deal, and it comes with actual benefits (hear us out!). Upside number one: you’re inside often, which means you’re probably cooking more frequently, too – and if you’re not, we challenge you to start.

Trust me, I miss the summer as much as you. Although, winter has a lot going for it fresh produce is usually not high on that list. In colder climates like here in Canada-land, eating locally through the winter can be downright challenging.  (It's not easy to finding fresh veggies in the Okanagan at this time of year, hence why markets close and the big guys ship in more Mexican produce.)

While our culture is steeped in local, organic foods, we can't quite head "back to the garden" when there's still remnants of snow and cloudy days predicted for weeks. We can't do a fruit-stand tour or head to the lovely farmers' market each Saturday to find fresh local foods.

But, there is some good news: Every meal doesn’t have to revolve around potatoes and onions until April. (Can you imagine if it did?) With a bit of advanced planning and of course a dash of creativity, it IS possible to eat fresh foods (and vegetables!) with plenty of nutrients and flavor all winter long. You just have to think easy, simple foods.

So what's the best way to eat in the dead of winter?

Think root vegetables, whole grains and roasting/steaming/baking lots! Raw salads, fruit smoothies or juices just aren't super ideal in the dead of winter. Below is vitamin-rich cold-weather foods you need to stock up on right now.

  • Winter squashes (Acorn, butternut, kabocha, golden and delicata squash are all at their prime during the fall and winter)

  • Cabbage

  • Leeks

  • Kale, Collards

  • Beets

  • Carrots

  • Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes


Three Sisters Soup - The View from Great Island
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Chicken Breasts With Mushroom-Truffle Sauce - Recipes _ Pampered Chef Canada Site
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Pea Soup
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Canadian weather is strange and unpredictable! Be sure that Spring is coming and we will soon be back in the garden starting another bounty for 2024! Cheers, and have a Happy Easter!

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