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Foods that Heal

Today, I will be starting a three post look at "Foods that Heal". Sounds simple enough, but this topic really needs a good hard look. Being a chef I work with food, over time I have done research, educated myself, and even achieved certification in food nutrition. I guess I have always been curious about what food contributes to the human physiology, what keeps us moving, feeling well and sound of mind. Additionally, I would like to remark on how often as a chef I am asked for special diet requests. By requests I mean issues with diet restriction. Everything from severe allergies to deadly health conditions. This is so common now, whereas 25 years ago it was barely heard of. I will break thid down in this very manner, and along the way discuss how different diet paradigms, culturally and at the macro level affect us.

Let's begin with basic dietary needs, what we really need to function on a daily basis. In our fast paced lives people have forgotten to look after themselves. Slaves to work, we put money before health and well being. We really are a fast food nation, not far behind our American friends to the South. But this trend is becoming global as well. With the proliferation of huge multunational fast food chains, the world is getting sick. people just aren't cooking anymore, and if they are its convenience products. We need to be more aware of what we are putting in our cake holes! On to the boring science part. Rather than write it all out, I have attached a PDF from my nutrion program certification. It's really worth a read.

Download PDF • 596KB

Okay, so now we have a basic grasp of nutrition, like from high school. Or do they even teach that anymore? What happened to Home Economics, I asked this question some time ago. Read about it here. Next, let's look at energy balance and intake. Check out this little PDF file for a snapshot.

Download PDF • 6.15MB

Well, now that your head is swimming, this is the cliffhanger. Friday, I will begin to look at specific diets, on a global scale, and get into the core of healthier eating. Be sure to check back! Cheers, and have a great hump day!

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