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Garget Review, Thermomix.

Last week a did a review and tutorial on my favorite cooking software, mastercook 2020. I stand behind this product for three reasons, value, functionality and integration. Today, I'm going to review a kitchen tool I have never used. I did participate in a 1 hour online demonstration, cause that's how we do everything today, right? This time I will do a review of what I observed, and what research I did by myself. I still have not used the device, so don't run out and buy one just yet.


  1. Built in scale; $50

  2. Dough Mixer/Food Processor; $200

  3. Juicer; $50

  4. Self Cleaning; Priceless

  5. Egg Cooker; $50

  6. Fermentation function; $50

  7. Slow Cooker; $30

  8. Sous Vide; $100

  9. Blender; $60

  10. Pressure Cooker; $100

  11. Rice Cooker; $30

  12. Steamer; $50

  13. WIFI enabled video & recipe screen; $100

  14. Spice and Grain Grinder; $50

  15. Gelato or Ice cream function; $60

  16. Multi Level Cooking; $100

  17. Indoor Grill; $60

  18. Auto pilot guided cooking; $100

  19. 1000's of tested recipes; $100

  20. Advanced cooking modes; $100


There you have it 20 plus features all in one unit. Not bad really, sight unseen. Of course I will have to see it in a none virtual environment before making any decision. How long before a knock off comes out, not long I suspect! If you do the math, you are getting essentially 20 different devices for $2099 plus HST. That's the no dicker sticker, however there are some gifts to be had if you purchase between November 24 - 30th. I'll be attending another virtual presentation around that time, and you are welcome to join in, contact me for details;

In closing, I'm not a big gadget guy, but if I see value and long term usage possible...I can be convinced. If you add up the cost to purchase all the features above, it would be around the same price. The caveat is the space it would take to keep them all, you may have to build a bigger kitchen or buy a new Anyway, Cheers and have a great weekend!

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