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Gone Fishing

Today's little thread is sort of about hunting and fishing. In truth I know very little about either pursuit, I'm a chef, I just deal with the end product. So, what this really about is the tools we need for the HUNT...hunting knives and such.

The three main types of hunting knife blades are a clip, straight, or drop edge. Of course, the type of blade can be determined by personal preference. However, a clip, straight edge, or drop point blade has different advantages. Once again, the general vote from experienced hunters is that a drop-blade hunting knife is the blade of choice.

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Clip Point Blade

A clip point blade is a good choice for detailed cutting work for small game animals such as the Buck Knives Folding Hunter Knife, which has a tapered razor-sharp point that is good for piercing and it gives you extra control for working in tight places.

The fine narrow tip of the blade also means the blade can be quite fragile and it is best not to use it for heavy-duty cutting tasks as the blade can get damaged.

– Straight-edge Blade

A straight-edged blade, such as the Fixed Blade Hunting Knife has a single-edged blade that curves downwards toward its point, but the other side of the blade carries a flat, unsharpened edge, which allows you to press down on this edge with your fingers to increase the knife’s cutting force.

The single-edged design also increases the thickness of the blade which gives it extra strength for heavy-duty tasks, which also makes it a great knife for cutting rope, splitting kindling, and slash through tree roots.

Drop Point

A drop point blade has a very balanced design and its blade curves or drops slightly downward toward the point of the blade.

Drop-point knives have a razor-sharp pointed end that is thicker and stronger than the clip-point blade, which makes this type of blade a good choice for big game hunters who need to cut, skin, or carve through tough animal hide and bone.

The only downside of a drop point blade is that you have to be careful if you are using it for small game such as fish or birds as the strong blade can damage the internal organs, or damage the hide of other types of animals.

Blade Composition

Blades can be made out of stainless steel or high carbon steel. Stainless steel is well known for its strength, high level of hardness, and durability and it is a material that does not corrode or rust easily.

The Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is made from stainless steel but it has been put through a special sharpening process so that it maintains its incredibly sharp edge.


How a hunting knife feels in your hand is very important. The handle should allow you to get a good grip on the knife and allow you that flexibility during the cutting or skinning process. Handles can be made out of polished wood such as the Buck Knives Folding Hunter Knife, or ABS plastic Elk Ridge Hunting Knife.

Even though plastic is lightweight and easier to keep clean and can give you a good, solid grip, it can feel a little flimsy in your hand. Wood and leather are stylish options and also feels solid in your hand. However, if the leather is very thick, it can feel too cumbersome for those hunters who have smaller hands.

Hand Guard

Cutting or dressing an animal can be messy work, so a handguard prevents your hand from slipping onto the blade, which can give you a nasty cut.

Carrying Sheath

A carrying sheath allows you to keep your knife safe and secure and close at hand on your belt and it is also designed to keep the blade in good condition and to protect you from cutting your leg open. Carrying sheaths can be made out of nylon or leather.

Although leather is an attractive option and it is highly durable and long-lasting, the leather sheath may need re-stitching after heavy-duty use. Nylon is easy to clean and is lighter, but it does not look as stylish as leather and can be a flimsy material.

Another carrying option is a lanyard hole where you can attach a cord to the handle and carry it around your neck or attach it to your backpack.

Don't forget that we also carry a full line of knives for the cooks and chefs in your life, for those who like me prefer to prepare the food after the WE have a full line of boning, filet and butcher knives for just about every culinary task. Cheers and have a great week!

Cheers, and have a safe and inspiring time in the great outdoors!

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