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Happy Victoria Day, What's up with That?

Victoria Day (French: Fête de la Reine, lit.'Celebration of the Queen') is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday preceding May 25 to honour Queen Victoria. The holiday has been observed in Canada since at least 1845, originally on Victoria's natural birthday, May 24. It falls on the Monday between the 18th and the 24th (inclusive) and, so, is always the penultimate Monday of May (May 22 in 2023 and May 20 in 2024). Victoria Day is a federal statutory holiday, as well as a holiday in six of Canada's 10 provinces and all three of its territories. The holiday has always been a distinctly Canadian observance and continues to be celebrated across the country, being informally considered the start of the summer season in Canada.

Not actually a national holiday, but rather a civic engagement of sorts. Just another day when everything is closed. Growing up, this was always a party weekend...May 24, bring your 24 of Canadian Or in my case, coffee, juice or maybe pop.

Anyway, enjoy the day! It's back to work tomorrow morning. Cheers and happy Victoria Day weekend!

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