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How Media Destroyed the Culinary Arts

This is of course not an attack on celebrity chefs, more of a look at how media misrepresents the industry. They seemingly make it seem so glamorous, not so.

Check out this little thread for an excellent insite into the realities of the kitchen life.

Over the years, we watched celebrity chefsbecome embroiled in affairs, DUIs, and even bankruptcy. While there’s nothing quite like relaxing on the couch and watching a cooking competition show, realizing the dark underbelly to these pristine white kitchens is unsettling.

In the last decade, some of food’s biggest stars have become no more, due to allegations of sexual harassment, fraud, racism, and even homophobia.

Many have lost there empires because of scandal, not unlike others in the media. It seems to be a time for transparency in the media jungle.

Four women accused Mario Batali of inappropriate touching during the height of the Me Too revolution. And it seemed as though everything was over for the once-revered cook. The celebrity chef eventually stepped away from his restaurants and television appearances in light of the accusations of sexual harassment. However, he pleaded not guilty in court. Soon after, the police ended the case without laying any charges down.

Notwithstanding Paula Deen’s diabetes, where she revealed her diagnosis alongside her vested interest in a major drug campaign, Deen has been riddled with a long line of accusations of racism. In 2012, Deen was sued for discrimination. One of the chef’s former Uncle Bubba Black employees claimed she was subjected to sexual harassment and racist rhetoric. Deen subsequently lost her contract with Food Network and a slew of her endorsement deals. It all got a lot worse when her company released a letter defending the use of the N-word. Yikes!

So what does this have to do with anything you ask. Well to begin, it glamorizes things that are bad, and gives no real insite into our industry. As a former educator, I got used to young people telling me they wanted to be the next iron chef, Anthony Bourdain and so on. This is not a reason to get into cooking, period! Anytthing you do in life, you should be passionate about. Be sure to head over to the pro chef network for lot's more blog stuff, some of it along the same thread as this. Cheers!

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