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How much more chocolate can you take?

Okay, for this last installation on chocolate decor, I will introduce you to 3 more concepts. Piping, molding and diping, sounds simple, right?

These applications are typical for plated desserts, buffet show pieces and more.

First a short video introduction to basic techniques, followed by some recipes!

I should correct myself, these are in fact procedures, not recipes. Like any advanced pastry skills, they have to be practiced over and over to gain mastery.

There are many other skills, such as casting, spraying and molding which fall pretty much under the above categories with slight nuances to execution. Ultimately all these little skills will lead you to creating your own unique chocolate decor showpieces for buffets, plated desserts and more. Enjoy this last video by a master chocolatier, who has made his life work the mastery of chocolate showpieces.

If this sounds like something you would love to get more involved with, why not start your pastry journey today and join our online program here at Dinner Thyme. We are currently offering a comprehensive self paced culinary and pastry certificate program. Upon completion of the first year, you may progress to our advanced program with a much more detailed curriculum investigating advanced pastry and decor skills. Cheers, and have a great week!

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