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How not to Age

I have previously shared material from this doctor/writer of "How not to Die". Although his approach seems kind of dark and mysterious, he is spot on , and very well cited.

All 15 of the main causes of death in the United States  can be prevented, reversed, or treated by implementing a  plant-based diet.    Analysis    In some instances, heart disease begins early in the lives of patients. Plaque  buildup in coronary arteries has even been discovered in ten-year-old children.  High cholesterol is the major factor for the buildup of plaque, specifically LDL.  LDL comes from dairy, meat, and processed foods.    Additionally, only 1 in 19,333 women and men comply with every one of the  “Simple 7” recommendations suggested by the American Heart Association to  maintain a healthy heart: 

Don’t smoke. 

Don’t be overweight. 

Walk 22 minutes each day. 

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. 

Have below-average cholesterol levels. 

Sustain normal blood pressure levels. 

Maintain normal blood sugar levels.   

In the past century, the prominent causes of death have shifted dramatically in  the United States from infectious diseases (diarrheal disease, tuberculosis, and  pneumonia) to chronic diseases (cancer, stroke, and heart attacks.) This is in a  large part because of improved hygienic measures and the introduction of an-  tibiotics and a shift in diet toward processed and animal-based foods. 

Physicians have long treated aging as a malady, but getting older does not have to mean getting sicker. There are eleven pathways for aging in our bodies' cells and we can disrupt each of them. Processes like autophagy, the upcycling of unusable junk, can be boosted with spermidine, a compound found in tempeh, mushrooms, and wheat germ. Senescent “zombie” cells that spew inflammation and are linked to many age-related diseases may be cleared in part with quercetin-rich foods like onions, apples, and kale. And we can combat effects of aging without breaking the bank. Why spend a small fortune on vitamin C and nicotinamide facial serums when you can make your own for up to 2,000 times cheaper?

Inspired by the dietary and lifestyle patterns of centenarians and residents of “blue zone” regions where people live the longest, Dr. Greger presents simple, accessible, and evidence-based methods to preserve the body functions that keep you feeling youthful, both physically and mentally. Brimming with expertise and actionable takeaways, How Not to Age lays out practical strategies for achieving ultimate longevity.

"There was so much juicy research on the many aspects of aging and longevity—more than 13,000 citations’ worth!—that I couldn't even fit it all in. So, throughout the book, you will find links to special videos I made just for How Not to Age to provide you with even more life-changing, life-saving information."

The following is a lecture by Dr Greger, it's a a little long, but well worth the effort.

Some of us need a little help to get started in the right direction. Maintaining a proper daily diet is difficult at best, we seem to neglect the one thing we should pay special attention to, what we eat. Supplementation is sometimes needed to keep the machine running properly. There are lot's of products out there, but with years of personal research, I have found the following product to satisfy my needs at a reasonable price/quality ratio.

Unfortunately, the foods we eat just don’t have enough of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to maximize our immune systems, strengthen our organs, and help our bodies perform at their best.

It’s also the reason why so many people get sick.

In fact, over 80% of patients who got Covid19 were deficient in Vitamin D. And up to 82% of critically ill patients are deficient in Vitamin C!

The FACT is, we need supplements.

And NOW, for the first time EVER, you can get the highest quality, most complete supplements on the market for prices that anyone can afford!

And you might consider coupling your supplements with a little higher education and motivation with our Food & Nutrition Coaching Program!

Cheers, and have a wonderful, healthy, wealthy and wise week!

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