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How our Forefathers Fared

Pierre Francis de Marigny Berton, CC, O.Ont. (July 12, 1920 – November 30, 2004) was a Canadian writer, journalist and broadcaster. Berton wrote 50 best-selling books, mainly about Canadiana, Canadian history and popular culture. He also wrote critiques of mainstream religion, anthologies, children's books and historical works for youth. He was a reporter and war correspondent, an editor at Maclean's Magazine and The Toronto Star and, for 39 years, a guest on Front Page Challenge. He was a founder of the Writers' Trust of Canada, and won many honours and awards.

Strangely, I bought a book by Mr & Mrs Berton by mistake. I guess my vision is beginning to decay, as I thought it was a book by M Benoit, a famous Quebecoise

Anyway, the book is called, Pierre & Janet Berton's Canadian Food Guide, a rare find indeed. I will be sharing a few of the interesting insights over the next few weeks.

Today's bit: "How our forefathers fared".

On August 28th, 1863, when the Canadian colonies were beginning to stir with talk of confederation, two intrepid British travellers-a nobleman and a doctor-having trudged, portaged, rafted and across the whole of the Canadian west in the best Victorian tradition, arrived at the Hudsons Bay fort of Kamloops on the Thompson River in British Colombia.

As this story progresses, to the pleasant surprise of the weary travellers was a great feast of sorts.

Here, my friends is a recipe from the book, the first one of course.

Beef heart soup
Download PDF • 221KB

Interesting recipe for sure, and what I love best, is that nothing is wasted. Fit's in nicely with my TPU, total product utilization.

Cheers, and happy hump day! Keep your stick on the ice, we are all in this together!

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