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How to Open a Restaurant in a few Easy Steps


The word derives from early 19th century from French word restaurer 'provide food for', literally 'restore to a former state and, being the present participle of the verb, The term restaurant may have been used in 1507 as a "restorative beverage", and in correspondence in 1521 to mean 'that which restores the strength, a fortifying food or remedy.

Here goes my friends, be sure to check in later this week as to why you shouldn't open a But if you insist, here goes;

Developing a concept, opening and operating a restaurant requires the right business strategy and creative ideas. Everyone who thought about starting his own business, probably, considered those fields in which he would be interested in doing business, especially those that would generate good income. Many entrepreneurs choose the hospitality industry and want to open their own restaurant, bar or coffee shop. In this article we want to describe the main simple steps witch you could follow to create a business plan for your new project. Unfortunately, there is no ideal business model that can be applied to each f&b concept, but with our guide, you are going to have valuable information to start your journey in the restaurant business.


The more practical information you collect, the easier it will be for you to navigate the market and avoid mistakes in the early stages. Market analysis, which includes an assessment of competitors, demand and current trends, is the foundation of your business. This is where the real work on the project begins: a business plan, the concept and format of the establishment, menu development, restaurant design, and more. In conditions of fierce competition, you need to stand out. Your task is to offer guests something that no one else has offered. It does not only mean that you should have a unique menu or a spectacular interior. You can also “wow” the client with a convenient service, and advantageous offers, and additional services.


How to choose a concept? Three key questions should be answered.

Who is your guest? What does he/she like? What can attract your target audience?

The concept of the venue is as important as the food in it. It includes not only the format (fast-food, pizzeria, Chinese restaurant, family dinner, coffee shop, lounge bar, nightclub) but also such characteristics as corporate identity, design, mission & philosophy, atmosphere, customer portrait, which will distinguish your restaurant from many others.

By the way, you can entrust this stage to hospitality professionals. They will help you not only develop a corporate identity but also solve all pre-opening issues. Such services have greatly simplified the preparation process, but you have to be ready to contribute an extra 10% of the total project cost.

An important part of the opening of a bar or restaurant is the menu. It’s no secret that the menu is a necessary element of the presentation. It is rightly called a business card because among other components it most clearly defines the nature of the venue. The offerings should correspond to the concept not only in content, originality but also in price. If you’re creating an affordable casual dining venue, then the prices should be appropriate. Make sure you understand the client’s preferences. Study all orders to define the fast-moving and unpopular dishes. On the most popular items over time, you can slightly increase the price. Slow-moving dishes are best eliminated or replaced with an alternative.


The kitchen equipment and tools determine its production capacity and even affect the taste of food. Therefore, you should responsibly approach the choice. Study in advance offers in the market of restaurant equipment, reviews on equipment and experience of other entrepreneurs. You can also use the services of companies that organize the restaurant business. Equipment costs can also be different. In addition, you will need to buy furniture and other equipment, including a bar station, tables and chairs, a cash register and a cashless terminal, decor items.


Today, the most practical decision to purchase products with confidence can be called a contractual relationship between a restaurant and a manufacturer or specialized suppliers. Excellent results are guaranteed from the cooperation of a restaurant or cafe with complex suppliers – some of them can provide up to 25 percent cost savings on food purchases, which cannot but rejoice and allows real savings.

What, first of all, needs to be emphasized?

You need to find out how long the company provides its services in the market. Asking if the supplier has all the necessary permits and certificates? It is necessary to evaluate the service provided by the supplier: how quickly products are delivered, whether it is possible to replace items if they are not satisfied with the quality, whether prompt information is provided on new products and changes in cost. It is important that you are receiving the highest quality products, especially if the restaurant is positioned as fine dining.


It is very important to find qualified employees because the reputation of your venue depends on their work. Careful selection should be applied not only to the chefs but also to the rest of the staff. The restaurant team must create a coherent system in which each participant has clear tasks and areas of responsibility.


The first events aimed at promoting the restaurant should be organized several months before the opening. Future customers should be informed about the new venue. It is advisable to draw the attention of visitors to the unique concept of the restaurant, to make people look forward to the opening. After the opening, you need to get the first regular guests – for this, you can create a variety of loyalty programs (club cards, etc.) or carry out interesting promotions. It is also very important to create an attractive restaurant image in various social network.


After a successful trial day, you are ready to open the door for the first real guests! It is important to make a special event of this occasion – and above all for clients.


Don't open a restaurant until 2025. Find out why later this week. Cheers, that's all folks!

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Carol Bernardo
Carol Bernardo
Nov 15, 2022

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