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Kraft Dinner


Kraft Dinner has been called a de facto national dish of Canada. Packaged in Quebec with Canadian wheat and milk, and other ingredients from Canada and the US, Canadians purchase 1.7 million of the 7 million boxes sold globally each week and eat an average of 3.2 boxes of Kraft Dinner each year, 55% more than Americans. The meal is the most popular grocery item in the country.

Pundit Rex Murphy wrote that "Kraft Dinner revolves in that all-but-unobtainable orbit of the Tim Hortons doughnut and the A&W Teen Burger. It is one of that great trinity of quick digestibles that have been enrolled as genuine Canadian cultural icons." Douglas Coupland wrote that "cheese plays a weirdly large dietary role in the lives of Canadians, who have a more intimate and intense relationship with Kraft food products than the citizens of any other country. This is not a shameless product plug – for some reason, Canadians and Kraft products have bonded the way Australians have bonded with Marmite [sic, recte:Vegemite], or the English with Heinz baked beans. In particular, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, known simply as Kraft Dinner, is the biggie, probably because it so precisely laser-targets the favoured Canadian food groups: fat, sugar, starch and salt."

Love this song! Anyway on with the story...

Ever since I was a child, Kraft Dinner has been a go to in times were I needed something quick. Not exactly a healthy choice. However these days, as a Chef, I make my own style of Kraft Dinner from scratch. It can take many forms, and often depends on what kind of cheese and potential garnishes I have available. Here are a few examples;

No Brainer Taco Macaroni - The Weary Chef
Download PDF • 1.24MB

Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese - BS in the Kitchen
Download PDF • 30KB

Upgraded Kraft Mac N Cheese Recipe -
Download PDF • 31KB

That's all for today folks, have yourself a wonderful weekend! If your looking for a great resource for recipes and professional cookbooks, subscribe to our database for thousands of excellent recipes and educational content.

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