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Micro Weddings

I was chatting with my friend Rick recently from Grape Country Tours about this new catch phrase "Micro Weddings". What exactly is it, and is there any relationship to what we do at Dinner Thyme Private Chefs?

A wedding is a huge undertaking—and an equally huge investment—leaving modern couples torn on whether it’s worth it. Weddings these days average well over $30,000, and the guest count? It may be dropping slowly, but most couples still celebrate with nearly 150 of their friends and family members (which doesn’t really merit the “nearest and dearest” descriptor). You and your partner may have joked about eloping, but if you know you can’t bring yourselves to buck all tradition, there’s another option: a micro wedding.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.

Here are a few ideas to get the Micro Wedding process on the move;

Speak to a wedding consultant

Even if you are not planning on hiring a full wedding planner, speak to a wedding consultant to organize your thoughts and plans according to your budget and vision. This can also help you with the execution moving forward.

Even if you plan to DIY your wedding, speaking to a pro puts many things in perspective and gives you pro insights to help you move forward with your planning, ensuring you got the process working for you!

Later on, as you start putting things together and think you will need more help, you can consider hiring a day-of coordinator.

The Venue (this is very important to consider in how to plan a wedding!)

Whether it is staged in your backyard or indoors, where you will hold it will affect the whole vibe and feel of the wedding.

Fewer guests mean more proximity to everyone and finding a venue where it is not too big or too small so that your wedding guests can still enjoy it as if it is a traditional wedding with 100+ guests.

You can still keep it gorgeous for a micro wedding by adding a lot of details that are not only stylish but can also be very personal since your guests are mostly super close to you.

If you’re inviting mostly close friends, loved ones, and family, this can be very well a backyard event. You can also plan a poolside wedding when your guest list is short and you want to enjoy yourself.

Another favorite of ours is renting out a restaurant! There are lots of restaurants that would love to hold your wedding!

If you plan to have some light dancing and games during the wedding, remember to dedicate a space for it. Something to consider when looking for a venue!


Whether you are serving brunch or dinner for your wedding is absolutely up to you. Note that depending on your choice of meal to serve, will dramatically affect the budget.

If you are hosting the event in your backyard (in your house), your caterer of choice will need a space to assemble and cook, which means they will make use of your kitchen.

Or, you can also rent out a tent for them to work in. As mentioned earlier, a backyard wedding can add up quite quickly.

If you plan to host your micro wedding by renting a restaurant, it will save you tons of time setting up, renting tables/chairs, utensils/plates, and all other event needs.

In addition, clean-up is also something that you do not need to worry about!

There are of course many other considerations, but I would say Menu & Venue are going to be your biggest challenges. These things need to be planned and in place at least a year in advance. In the case of Micro Weddings, it's not a bad idea to hire a wedding planner. The reason being is that you won't have many people to rely on for these little details like; photographers, transportation, lodging for guests, the list goes on...

Copy of Wedding Timeline
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The cool thing about Dinner Thyme Private Chefs, we provide this service FREE. As part of your package, to save you time and money we will work with you on these details as part of your planning process. We can even go so far as to recommend venues, wine tours, entertainment and more. Give us a Shout Today!

Cheers, and have a great week!

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