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National Black Forest Cake Day

So, this is the best I could come up with, except Lady Gagas Someone make her this cake! One of the more simple cakes to make in terms of ingredients, not so much technique. Let's have a look at the history, timeline and construction of this KING of Cakes.

First of all, the absolute beauty of the cake itself deserves its own accolades — like those chocolate shavings accompanied with maraschino cherries and whipped cream! Don’t even get us started on the taste because then we are going to be here the whole day. Did you know that the cake was originally a simple dessert consisting of cream, cherries, chocolate, and alcohol? That still sounds tasty, if you ask us.

There are many conflicting historical reports about the exact origins of the black forest cake, but all attest to its delectability. Some historical scholars believe that the cake was invented in the 16th century in a German town called Baden-Wurttemberg. Not only was the time and place famous for its Romantic era, but it’s also known as one of the first places where chocolate started to be added into cakes and other dessert recipes. Baden-Wurttemberg was also famous for its sour cherries and kirschwasser, which is a cherry brandy. It is believed that the black forest cake gets its name from the alcohol. ‘Schwarzwald’ is the German name for the Black Forest, and a black forest cake is called ‘Schwarzwälder Kirsch’ in German.

Okay, time for the recipe. As always it is in Mastercook PDF format. Nows a great time to purchase a licence as Mastercook 2022 is being released this week. Contact me first, to get a 40% discount!

Black Forest Cake
Download PDF • 292KB

As a side note, in the recipe you will find a sub recipe for stabilized whipped cream. If you would like your cake to stay in reasonable condition longer than a day, I advise trying this. Anyway, have a great week, Cheers!

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