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New Years Eve Celebrations

As the holiday season comes into full swing, you’ll want to start making plans for how you’ll ring in 2024. We've rounded up lots of New Year’s Eve party ideas to help you host an amazing soiree with friends and family.

Whether you're celebrating with an intimate dinner party at home, a kid-friendly affair or a full-fledged New Year's party at a venue, we’ve got New Year’s Eve party decorations, themes, food and drink ideas, entertainment and more to make your countdown to midnight fun for everyone in attendance. Here are our favorite New Year’s Eve party ideas to ring in 2024.

  • Masquerade party - have your guests dress up in fancy clothes and face masks for a dazzling soiree

  • Decade party - 1920s, 70s, and 90s theme parties complete with a tribute band are all popular choices.

  • Murder mystery - come together with your pals to solve a crime over the course of the evening. We’ve put together this complete guide on How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party

  • Themed Dinner Parties - It's not to late to book a Private Chef and have us make your New Years Eve Celebration a memorable experience!

  • New Years Eve Cooking Class - See above, cooking class and dinner, why not?

  • Book a Private Driver - and do a food cruise. Spend the evening visiting friends and your favorite restaurants!

As you make your plans to ring in 2023, consider partaking in one of the New Year’s traditions from around the world. The past few years have truly been unlike any other, but one thing has been clear: Certain practices are now more important than ever, as they keep us grounded and remind us of the future ahead

1. Fill your cabinets.

When it comes to New Year’s Day superstitions, a stocked fridge and pantry bodes well for the year ahead—and for your morning after brunch.  

2. Then leave the doors open. 

To make sure nothing sabotages your plan for a hearty new year, be sure to leave your doors open. This will let out any evil spirits lurking around in the shadows. 

3. Clean the house.

Wash down the house for a fresh start. In Ireland families will get busy making sure the house is left spotless so they can ring in the new year with a clean slate. 

4. Keep an empty suitcase nearby.

In Latin America, it’s not unusual for your friends and family members to spend New Year’s Day rolling around an empty suitcase. According to the New York Daily News, the act is believed to bring on a year full of exciting travel. 

5. Eat black-eyed peas and collard greens.

Black-eyed peas are believed to symbolize good luck while collard greens are green like dollar bills, which is why you’ll find families across the South heaping a pile of both on their plate on New Year’s Day in the hopes for good fortune (and a possible windfall).

6. Open doors and windows.

It might be a bit chilly, but try to crack open those doors and windows at midnight to ward off evil spirits and kick bad luck out while welcoming the new year in. 

Enough with the superstitions! Time to start thinking about resolutions. My next few posts will offer a few suggestions, and some useful tools to get you started on a positive path into 2024!

Cheers, and have a happy hump day!

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