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Playing with Chocolate in a Professional Way.

So, as a follow up to Mondays Post...what can we do with chocolate?

Decorating cake is no easy undertaking, especially if it’s for a special occasion. There’s pressure to pull out piping bags, create elaborate swirls of frosting, and complete things with an impeccably written message on top.

Modeling chocolate is made from a simple mixture of melted chocolate and corn syrup. The ingredients are heated and then combined, resulting in chocolate that's the consistency of Play-Doh; it’s easy to sculpt and shape with your hands, and it becomes moldable the more you work it.

The resulting chocolate can be rolled out and cut into shapes and designs of all kinds. It’s the perfect edible topper for cake, cupcakes, or any dessert you’re looking to dress up.

As the term suggests, you cvan do more than enrobe a cake, you can actually make candies, molds, architectural pieces and more. Without further ado, the recipe. And a cool video to inspire you!

Modeling Chocolate _ King Arthur Baking
Download PDF • 136KB

Join me friday for some more fun with chocolate! Cheers, and have a happy hump day!

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