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Private Cooking Classes

There is NO shortage of methods to learn cooking. You don't have to go to Culinary school or take an apprenticeship with some tyrant chef! Online programs, the food network and of course cook books are everywhere. The question I would ask myself if I was looking at private education is where should I start? Of course like anything you start at the beginning with basic knife skills, vegetable cuts and stocks. You can glean this information from books, online tutorials or by hiring us to teach you! More on that later, we have a really amazing program for the 2023 season. Another interesting way is to host a party with friends and have a cooking competition at home. This was actually a thing during Covid! Here's how it can be done at home.

Because of the various cooking competition shows nowadays, watching them has become a popular pastime for both aspiring chefs and simple folks with a knack for snacks. On these television programs, hopeful chefs battle it out to prove themselves in front of a lineup of world-renowned judges—as seen in shows like MasterChef, Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, and many more.

I really love the social aspect of cooking with friends, things like kitchen parties can include more than the shared action of cooking together. Music, poetry and good conversation around the table are healthy and make the experience so much more fun. As a culture we seem to have lost touch with reality...lost in a world of high tech, low touch.

Here at Dinner Thyme we have an interesting and inspiring solution for Private Cooking classes. Why not book one of our Premium Packages and learn from a professional chef in the comfort of your home or home away home? Enjoy a 3 course custom designed menu, and learn as you eat! The package includes a set of professional chef knives and one month access to our online cooking programs and recipe database!

Cheers, and have a happy hump day!

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