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Public Mobile Review

Every now and again I feel the need to express my thoughts on things non hospitality related. Let's just call them justified grudges. I think it's important to advocate for others, especially when I have such a large following. So if your in the market for a new provider, you might want to read on.

Public Mobile Inc. is a Canadian self-serve mobile brand which is owned by Telus.[1] Launched on March 18, 2010, Public Mobile was one of several new Canadian cellphone providers that started in 2009–10 after a federal government initiative to encourage competition in the wireless sector.

Lets start by looking at some reviews from trustpilot, my go to for unbiased opinions on just about every company out there, start with them before making any buying decisions...I will from now on. For the record PUBLIC has a 1 out of 5 star rating, not good!

Awful. The website has not worked right in many months now. Cant login at all. Purchased a 4g plan but only got 3g speeds ,, so to remedy this they kept my money and scaled me back to a 3g plan, I got screwed out of 4 gigs of data. Now as I'm switching carriers they refuse to release my number for porting ,, which is illigal. They site some loophole termination fee.. its all illigal ,,, I don't know how they are allowed to be such thieves. Avoid this 2 bit outfit at all costs.

Just cancelled my service with Public Mobile. Absolutely terrible customer service - what is this? It's a message board ("Community Forum") where the blind lead the blind on various issues. NO customer service whatsoever and their chatbot is useless. Even worse, I couldn't receive 2FA text messages overseas which are free for every other carrier - Public Mobile simply doesn't send them through and you get them all at once when you arrive home. The only good thing is their network is 3G speed so you can set your network settings accordingly to avoid getting amber alerts.

Just choose any other provider. Like ANY OTHER PROVIDER. Truly remarkable level of incompetence. I am out of the country so want to leave for a provider that can provide me service where I am. They have made it near impossible to port my number over. You can't submit a ticket without logging in twice, but they were saying my password was wrong (even though it worked fine to login the first time and in another tab). Then they want me to call a bunch of their service people when they know I can't because they have no service outside of Canada!

I think you can see were this is going. I will be canceling public mobile before my next billing period.

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