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Realizing your True Potential, My Journey so far by Carol Bernardo.

Happy Friday! I thought I would finish out the week with a feel good story. I recently launched a Professional Development Program to assist people with goal setting and lifestyle changes. One of our recent graduates has allowed me to share here final thoughts on the program and how it has helped her with some of her life challenges.

I am pleased to introduce you to Carol Bernardo, this is her story!

When I began this course, I was thinking to myself I could not possibly stick with this for 21 days, everyday.

As I began, I was actually a little skeptical

Of whether or not the things being spoken about would work for someone like me.

Day two came by, and I found that things were beginning to resonate with me, and my mind began to open up more.

I started saying things to myself as the course went on like “ hey yeah I do that, or hey uh, I don’t do that, maybe I ought to try it.

 There were times when I began to feel this course was speaking directly to me even!

 I am a known procrastinator, but I forced myself into a daily routine doing the courses, doing what the courses asked, like a bucket list or the do’s and don’ts if I want to be successful in life.

 My bucket list consisted of things like where I wanted to be in life rather than things like ‘ bungee jump into the Grand Canyon’

One of the biggest things was to have a stable life, a place to live, food, ability to pay bills, and the way to do that for me was through music.

 I followed the advice in this program, and I now have a music manager who is connected to public relations folk, producers, touring agents, everything I need to be successful in this industry!

 I also learned that I do have a love for cooking and learning how, but I may not be suited to do it as a career.

 And it happened because I learned how to express my wants and needs properly, how to engage the right people properly , and how not to procrastinate above all else.

 That being said, I realize this essay is a little late with my being ill, but, I knew I was going to be late, and took responsibility instead of trying to ignore it, I talked to you, told you why and you gave me an extension ( thank you).

 Normally I would have never written the essay, but here I am, doing it because I want to change my poor behaviours into ones that will help me and not hinder me in life. 

I do not know if this essay is 300 words, but, I would like to thank you for this incredible course, I have learned so much from it and already it would seem my life is beginning to change, in the direction I’ve been wanting it to my entire life!

 The speed in which it happened amazes me, simply by using what I learned here in this course, it seems suddenly I’m doing the biggest thing on my bucket list, which will lead to the other things, traveling, meeting new people, getting my personal message out to the world.

 I feel now I can be someone who can leave a footprint on the world, and not someone who fades away and is forgotten.

I feel more motivated and I now know, even though I though I knew already, where I am going wrong, and what not to do.

 That list was bigger than I thought, but I know what was blocking me from moving forward now.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to take this course, and I hope that I continue to use what I’ve learned, to become more successful in life.

Why not take the challenge yourself. The program is open to all. Contract is for more information at


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