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Summer Blog Vacation

The term summer vacation or summer break refers to a school break in the summer between school years and the break in the school academic year. Students are off anywhere between two weeks to three and a half months. Depending on the country and district, staff might be partially or fully excluded.

In the United States, depending on the region, summer break is approximately two to three months, with students typically finishing the school year in late-May or early-June and starting the new year in mid-late August or early-September. About 4 percent of public schools in the U.S. use a balanced calendar that operates year-round with a shorter summer break.

In Spain, Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Greece, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Lebanon, Romania and Russia, the summer break is normally three months, compared to two to six weeks (sometimes 3 months) in Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and Mexico.

Folks, we all need a vacation! Naturally for someone like myself working in the Private Chef & Event Planning business...summer is very busy. With that, and a few little trips scattered throughout the summer, my blogs will be of a non consistent nature. Basically just the highlights and inspirations here and there. But don't forget there are hundreds of posts you likely haven't read yet; anything from social conscience, pastry, cooking, travel and much more!

Also have a look at some of our professional development programs, Fall is coming, try something new! Keep on top of current events HERE.

I hope everyone has a GREAT SUMMER! Have fun, be kind and maybe become a site member to get full access to updates, archives and recipes. Enjoy your summer, don't let anything stand in your way of happiness, joy and fun!

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