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The Art of Environmentally Conscious Chocolate and Pastry

We are all surrounded by the impacts of climate change. As pastry chefs, confectioners, bakers, makers and in general, celebrators of agricultural products, we feel the impacts even more greatly. We lean on and into our resources for creativity and sustenance. In so doing, we see the impacts of climate change in real time, its effects on the quality of ingredients, the supply and the people and communities that grow them. While there is an upwelling of efforts across the board to make strides in reducing our carbon footprints and preserve precious resources like water, we realize there is still a long way to go. One way of finding a path forward is to capture where we’ve been, what we’ve done and where we need to go.

Because today's topic is chocolate, here is a list of ethically sourced brands;

Why is this important? Let's just say that some of the biggest brands out there are far from ethical. How about Nestle, not only are they unethical today, but there history is dark with controversy.

As a Pastry chef and cook, it's important to me to know where my products are coming from and how they are sourced and produced. Personally, I use almost exclusively South American chocolate. I have been to the farms where the cacao is harvested, sorted dried and fermented. I have also been to the facilities where the cacao is made into its finished form . All the companies I deal with are ethical and responsible. Victory Chocolate, based out of Quito Ecuador in my opinion makes very likely the best chocolate in the world. And it's a family slavery here.

Having worked with Victoria now for almost a year on distribution in North America, we are finally making some inroads with this amazing product. Additionally, I am currently working with a chef in Ambato, developing a new brand of flavoured bars for distribution in Canada.

Bloom chocolate and coffee is now available in Canada as a more economical product with pricing competitive with most conventional higher end brands. This ain't no Hershey bar friends. Victory Chocolate is our top tier brand with beautiful bonbons and uniquely flavoured 70% cacao.

So with all of that, it's with great pleasure, I wish you a great day from Ecuador. Remember to be kind, there are benefits!

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