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The Chocolate Process Defined

Making chocolate is NO small feat. At Victory Chocolate the process begins at the farm. Cultivation and harvesting chocolate requires extreme attention and care. A little help from Mother Nature is the main concern. With her cooperation, good soil and essential workers, we harvest some of highest quality Cacao nibs in the world. From Concordia Ecuador we head to the north of Quito Ecuador, this is where the magic begins. Not unlike fine wine, coffee or tea, details are imperative.

At the factory, there are a number of steps to ensure that the quality is maintained. Let's have a closer look at the steps.

Finally I thought I would share a little bit of information regarding the flavor profiles of chocolate. Chocolate is really a magical compound, it lends itself to many combinations, many of which may seem strange. As we develop our product line, we are ever becoming aware of the potential for new product launches. Maybe you have some great ideas, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at If we love your idea, we may just send you a freebie.

Thanks for stopping by, have yourself a great week. And remember all our current products are available right here at Cheers!

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