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The Essentials of Dessert Presentation

So, we have come this far. Are you ready to impress your friends for the 2021 New Years Eve celebrations? Today, we finish the plate! But first before we discuss plating, one or two more simple recipes.

chocolate fudge sauce
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Pastry Cream
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. No matter how tasty your sweet treat is, if you want to make it as a pastry chef presentation plays a huge part in what you do. For those that may not be in the culinary arts profession, knowing how to plate a dessert can still come in major handy. But with so many different options to choose from, it can often be overwhelming and difficult to know exactly how to present one from the other. There’s definitely a huge difference between a colorful fruit tart and a giant, three-layer piece of chocolate cake. Sauces, garnishes and other lovely extras all play a major part in determining what exactly the best way to approach it is. A little video to get you started!

So with three basic recipes, you have essentially what you need to create a plated masterpiece! A few other finishing touches to compliment;

  • cocoa or icing sugar silhouette, like in the first picture

  • additional sauces, fruit based or caramel

  • fresh mint or edible flowers

  • textural components like caramelized sugar, chocolate shavings or candy

  • fresh seasonal fruit

  • crisp garnishes like tulips, fritters or fruit/vegetable crisps

That's about it folks! Happy New Year, let's make 2022 a GREAT YEAR!

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