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The Essentials of Pastry & Baking

I'm taking a little step away from the usual, and spending the next few weeks talking about pastry fundamentals. So, sit back and enjoy a short tutorial on the Art of Pastry! First things first, your going to need some tools!

Equipment Essentials



Apart from the obvious, these are likely your biggest investments into the pastry realm. But of course there is much more which I refer to as small wares.

  • cutting board

  • silipat mats or parchement paper

  • pastry bags and tips

  • molds

  • pots and pans

  • pastry brushes

  • bowls

  • whisks and high temperature spatulas

  • bench scraper, metal or plastic

  • cutters

  • microplane, pizza wheel, scissors

  • ice cream machine

Also it should be noted that both Chefs and Pastry Chefs need a good set of knives. Make a wise purchase in this area, even for a pastry chef, a good set of knives is everything! Here is my latest, favorite knife maker's suggestion. This set is $300 Canadian delivered to your door. Click on the image to get more info, and to view other sets.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we move into something a little more interesting, ingredients and measurements. Cheers, enjoy the ride!

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