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The Evolution of new Restaurant Fees with NO Value.

An extra fee aimed at keeping food quality high and prices low at a Kitchener, Ont. eatery is proving difficult to swallow for some patrons while others are saying they are happy to pay up.

Chuck’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill has added a three per cent charge to each bill before taxes since the franchise opened in 2015. The restaurant outlines its so-called “Honest to Goodness Fee” for customers on its menus and its website.

“We need to tell you that for us to continue offering great deals, then something has to give,” the restaurant explains. “In order for us to continue providing fresh, fabulous food at incredible prices, we need to add three per cent to all our prices. Don’t panic! It’s really not a lot.”

Not a lot you say? Lunch with a friend this past Monday at CHUCKS, and to be honest I had completely forgotten about this FEE. A $40 lunch added $1 to the bill, not a big deal right? I beg to differ, with rising menu prices, tax and gratuities, adding another 3% is a big deal. And to top it off nobody benefits from this but the corporation. Why not give a portion to charity, or create an incentive for staff or maybr some sort of job enrichment? But no, it goes into the bosses pocketbook...GREED. I cant speak for everyone else, but I wont be back to CHUCKS. In there defense, they do run a well trained and effecient restaurant. Unfortunately there is really nothing special about the food, just an average, budget steakhouse and sportsbar with cheap beer and steak. I have a few great ideas on how they could become a better business. Hey guys maybe reach out to me, I might be willing to help you kick it up a notch!

Cheers, and happy hump day!

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