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The Social impact of Food Waste.

As we search for ways to improve the relationship that we all share with our planet, we must also take a good hard look at the relationship that we have with our food.

Food waste itself can be a complex issue. Perhaps, next to the looming threat of plastic pollution or the growing shadow of textile, our heaps of food waste may sometimes go overlooked or even ignored.

It truly speaks to the complicated and unhealthy nature of our relationship with the modern food system when we recognize that 40% of all food produced here in Canada gets tossed in the trash and yet million...even billions, still suffer from food insecurity. And it won't be the first time I've said this, my industry are leaders in contributing to this terrible mess. Over production, poor planning and a lack of controls are the root of the problem. In some third world countries you would be jailed or murdered for lesser crimes. And yes it is a crime.

In some ways, many of us may have lost our ability to truly see the value in our food. There is a certain feeling of helplessness, or even shame, built into our relationship with what we consume, and what we are quick to toss away. Just by scratching the surface we begin to see how the issue of food waste is directly linked to our current systems of economic growth, our approaches to environmental sustainability, and our efforts to foster social equity.

Moving forward, we encourage the shift away from our current “take-make-waste” model towards a circular economy system that prioritizes environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

In conclusion during this holiday season use a little mindfulness, and think about what you really NEED, as apposed to what you WANT. Many people on this tiny planet we call home, have significantly less than you and I. The spirit of Christmas is sharing, caring and love. not acquiring things. Cheers, and have a wonderful weekend!

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