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The Truth about Imports and Exports in Canada

Ever wonder why you can't find more Canadian made stuff? By stuff, I mean food, clothing and other necessary things. Seems everything comes from the US, China or elsewhere.

Here's a few interesting facts.

All Italian made pasta is made with Canadian wheat.

All French Dijon mustard is made from Canadian mustard seeds

All Canadian raw crude oil is sold to OPEC,and we buy it back as gasoline

And what about Canada's retail sector...I mean Canadian owned BTW, gone baby! Walmart, Amazon and all the rest of them have seen the end of Canadian retail as we knew it. The Canadian government and corporate greed have seen to this. Covid has also re enforced the capitalist agenda.

I could go on and on, but I think a reasonable intelligent person gets were I am going with this.

Adam Smith addressed this myth as long ago as 1776 in a theory called “mercantilism,” pointed out Douglas Irwin, a professor at Dartmouth College. Mercantilism holds that trade can be profitable for both parties because of specialization. Countries tend to specialize in areas where they have natural resources or expertise, export their surplus and use the income to buy goods that other countries specialize in.

“It’s an extension of the way we run our lives. We don’t make our own clothing, we don’t plant our own food,” Irwin said. “Just think back when we didn’t have washing machines or grocery stores. That takes us back a number of centuries and life was hard when you had to do everything yourself.”

So, the question is ,what do we do about this? How about a month long embargo on all foreign purchases. That would bring the government and the banks to their knees. Will this happen? I doubt it...but maybe a week? I would be willing. My business is food, and I use very little foreign products. It can be difficult at times, but my clients appreciate it.

You should also ask yourself this question; does your favorite restaurant really use local, organic products? Or are they just on the marketing bandwagon, and lying to you 🤔. Why not ask them, after all you have a right to know.

Before I leave, take a moment to view this video, there is some hope!

That's all for today folks! Cheers and have a great Monday.

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