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There is no Hard Work without Small Wares.

I did my first webinar on the mastercook software this past Saturday, You can find it here if you haven't seen it yet;

Todays post is about the virtues of small wares(tools) vs hardware(appliances). Much like the analogy of hardware vs software, you can't have one without the other. We might ask, which came first, the chicken or the egg? In the case of kitchen tools, obviously it all started with sharp things called knives, gadgetry came later....and it's still coming. I'm old school in my thinking, and when asked what my basic needs are in this department, I respond, a chefs knife, boning knife and utility knife. Anything a gadget can do, I can do with these three tools. Let's have a look today at gadgets, in particular one I will be working with soon as a brand ambassador.

Never before have I seen so many types of gadgets on the market, some cool, some not so much. I really have to look a long time at a gadget, before even considering buying it. A big trend a few years ago was the Instant Pot, and similar generic knock offs. I researched, read about and eventually bought one. For a guy that barely uses such devices, this was new for me. So, why did I purchase it? It had a good range of multi functions, and could save me time with typically long cooking procedures. I am currently looking at a new high tech gadget that looks promising. It's called the THERMOMIX. It's not new, in fact it's been around for a while, mostly in Europe. Is Thermomix better than instant pot? At $1,450, the Thermomix is over 10x the cost of the Instant Pot, so it's clearly a product aimed at the premium market. And where the Instant Pot's core feature is its ability to pressure cook, the Thermomix is more of a food processor that can also cook at specific temperatures. So at 10 times the cost, is there value in this device? I will be reviewing via an online demonstration this afternoon, so of course a follow up post will be needed. Here is a link to a review I found to get things going;

As a rule I keep my inventory of gadgets pretty small. I'm more interested in good quality knives and small tools that are more or less necessary for day to day tasks. A couple of gargets that I always have around include; immersion blender, brule torch and spice grinder. I like a good blender as well, but strangely enough I don't care for food processors. Portable induction units and also very handy for caterers and small operations. The rest you can keep, to much clutter and space wastage for me. At the end of the day, as I mentioned above you need to develop HIGH knife skills first! Happy Monday! Have a great week!
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