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Trick or Treat...Give me something good to Eat!

Twelve days until Halloween! Personally, I'm more about the treats than the tricks. So over the next little stretch we should spend a little time discussing treats. I personally don't drink, and am a bit of health food guru. However, I'm no Saint, and love my before bed snacks. That being said, my personal favorite is the cookie. I'm a bit of a of connoisseur of store bought and home made cookies. What's the difference, which are best, and are any of them actually healthy for you or the kids?


I'll always take a good homemade cookie over a store bought one. And at this time of year the baker in all of us begins to come out. practicing for the upcoming holiday season, adding new ideas to our catalogue of sweet treats. First off, my list of favorite store bought cookies, your list may vary of course.

Maple leaf cream cookies; there are a few varieties from no name to Dare, my personal favorite is Leclerc from Quebec. I have never tried making these, as I don't believe the effort warrants it.

Pirate cookies; another Dare product, again not worth the effort to duplicate home made. As a side note, I do make peanut butter cookies from time to easy.

Gingersnap cookies; To many brands to mention. I have found a small local bakery in Picton ON called PICNIC on main that makes one that is so close to my grandmothers recipe....shocking!

Digestive cookies; Dare wins again for me on this one. I prefer the chocolate glazed ones, and have convinced myself that they are somewhat healthy.

Mint fudge cookies; I found a new generic brand at dollar tree for $1.50 yesterday, quite good I will add.

Shortbread cookies; I don't buy these often, because I'm usually disappointed. Best to make these, again easy peasy.

So, Are Cookies Healthy?

It took a while, but the more I learned to eat intuitively the less I cared about the type of food I ate. As long as I don’t eat five of them a day, eating a cookie does nothing to change the way my body looks or feels. If anything, eating a cookie makes me feel happier. Eating a cookie gives me joy. And there is something really beautiful about that.

One thing that I’ve learned in the last 5 years that has changed the way I think about food is this:

When it comes down to it, a healthy diet has less to do with the type of food you eat, and everything to do with your relationship to food.


One last note. If you still have issues with the health ramifications of cookies, here are a few last suggestions. Make them , instead of buying them. At least you know what's going in them, and you can even add healthier ingredients. Eat some healthier treats before the cookies. Make sure the balance of your daily diet is healthy, stick to your treat time, as your reward. Happy Tuesday, make it a great day!

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