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Victoria's Chocolate Factory

This week begins a series of blogs specifically about chocolate, and not just any chocolate...Victory Chocolate's. I have just returned from a weekend visit to both the chocolate factory and the farm where the cacao is grown and harvested. Bring a chef, I have a good understanding of chocolate handling, but limited knowledge about all the work that precededs the finished product.

Victory chocolate is located about 1 hour from the capital of Ecuador in the province of Pichincha.

Pichincha (Spanish pronunciation: [piˈtʃintʃa]) is a province of Ecuador located in the northern Sierra region; its capital and largest city is Quito. It is bordered by Imbabura and Esmeraldas to the north, Cotopaxi and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas to the south, Napo and Sucumbíos to the east, and Esmeraldas and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas to the west. Now for the rest of the story...

Victory Chocolate is family owned business, and it´s reflected in the quality and integrity of the products they produce. The facility is state of the art, and is compliant with all halth and safety protocols. Lets have a look at the process in a little more detail.

The following is a fairly detailed explanation of the process of chocolate manufacturing;

Download PDF • 240KB

Join us Wednesday while we travel to the magic place where the chocolate is grown and harvested! Happy Monday! Have a great week!

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