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What Exactly does Ethically Sourced Mean?

When you hear the word ethical sourcing, what immediately comes into your head? Does it mean the ability to source the supplies or services a company needs through a legitimate and morally correct process? Or is it just some fancy mumbo-jumbo of words designed to keep the reader’s attention glued towards what this author is going to write next?

The later is more likely correct. In terms of how the phrase is used at large with big corporations...its just a marketing angle. Nestle, McDonalds and Tim Hortons have no financial or ethical interest in how they obtain there products, cost is the only factor.

What is ethical sourcing?

Ethical sourcing is a responsible approach to supply chain management that involves sourcing products and raw materials from businesses that comply with certain sustainable practices and legal requirements.

A company may be considered unethical for a wide variety of reasons. A few of the more prominent examples include:

  • The exploitation of workers (such as underpaying employees, poor working conditions, or forced labor)

  • Significant environmental impact (such as releasing toxins, committing animal abuse, or contributing towards deforestation)

  • Deceiving customers (such as lying about product quality, intentional mismanagement of accounts, or hidden terms & conditions)

  • Unfair competition (such as spreading false information, bribery, or misusing trade secrets)

In brief, ethical sourcing is a company doing its due diligence to ensure a potential supplier or vendor does not engage in unethical behaviors.

Typically implemented as a set of sourcing policies, ethical sourcing makes up a part of the operating standards of a business. It’s an applicable concept to all businesses who engage with a supply chain, no matter the country in which they are based.

Ask yourself this question as a consumer of chocolate, coffee and other similar imported food commodities, is price more important to you than quality. Then ask yourself a second question, what about the lack of ethics involved for you to obtain cheap goods? Your either part of the problem, or part of the solution.

I dont mean to preach, however your buying decisions have a massive impact on the lives and well being of others...think about it. Have a great week and be mindful of your fellow human!

Cheers, and have a great week!

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