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What I like to Cook and Eat, Where I like to Dine.

I get these questions a lot, and there really is NO short answer...but here goes.

First and foremost, I cook a lot for myself. Nothing complicated if it's just for me, pasta, soup and If you add a guest or two, then I shine! Before I get to the shiny stuff, how about a few opinions on the dining scene in the Quinte & PEC areas.

I'm sorry to say that there are NO Michelin restaurants anywhere near this

Not much has changed in the restaurant scene in Belleville, here are the top restaurants at this time brought to you by trip advisor; CLICK HERE

Not to be a grumpy old Chef, but there is nothing on the list that excites me, and I have eaten at all these places, and for the most part they are average and overpriced. If I had to pick one it would be #21 way down the list, India Curry House. The few others I eat at from time to time didn't even make the list, The Jerk Spot and the Olympus Restaurant for breakfast.

Next, let's have a look at Prince Edward County. You would think being a wine & tourism mecca, there would be tons of options...NOT TRUE. In my humble opinion Belleville and area has better options. In terms of Fine Dining, there are perhaps more options like the Drake and the Royal Hotel. But these come at a high price, Toronto prices to be exact. They are priced out of the average consumers pocketbook. And I would add that the term Fine Dining is essentially DEAD in this economy, and are not likely to return anytime soon.

Here is trip advisors list of PEC restaurants. Once again there are very few places on this list I would throw a shekel at...

To be fair I will make a couple of suggestions, #28 on the list, Jerkaboo Grill, In addition I would include the County Canteen, #15 on the list. Thats it folks, I have no more suggestions for the beautiful county.

Let's get back to what I like to cook for clients and friends, and they are all's the hospitality business, correct? So this week I am preparing a meal for a few FRIENDS at home. The basis of the concept is closely related to my roots in Quebec with a spin on classical French cooking. Not to entirely reveal the final idea, which is not solidified yet, it entails brisket, pig tails and beans...a cassoulet of sorts. I promise to post pictures of the final plate later this week. Cooking for friends and customers comes down to one thing. What do they like? From there I look at what's available. local and if possible, organic. Add a dash of passion, and you have a recipe for success.

That's all folks! Looking for food done right and prepared to your standards? Book your Private Chef today, and bring the restaurant experience HOME!

Cheers, and have a happy hump day!

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