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Who Loves Coffee?

Coffee is a beverage prepared from roasted coffee beans. Darkly colored, bitter, and slightly acidic, coffee has a stimulating effect on humans, primarily due to its caffeine content. It has the highest sales in the world market for hot drinks.

People say that Kona coffee is one of the best coffee beans in the world, but I am sceptical. The reason is simple; I’m not confident they’ve gathered enough research or data to determine this is a correct assumption.

The criteria I used to reach this judgement are as follows:

  • Speciality coffee grading system (SCA)

  • Flavour profile

  • Taste

  • Aroma

  • Flexibility to adapt to different brew methods

  • The freshness of the coffee beans

  • Reviews from people that have ordered these coffee beans

Taste is a very, very individual experience. It's affected by:

  • your genetics, which impact how your brain perceives certain tastes

  • upbringing, which conditions you to prefer certain flavors over others

  • taste receptors, which can be altered by medication and diet

  • tasting training, which can teach you to better identify flavors (similar to wine tastings)

  • life experiences, which can have negative or positive memories associated with a flavor

  • foods you've eaten recently, which can also alter your taste receptors

  • mood and stress levels, which alter how your brain perceives flavours


Grown on Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Peaberry coffee beans are a bright Arabica coffee with a medium body and delightful fruit-toned acidity. The best Tanzania coffees have a taste that is deep and rich, often revealing hints of black currant which soften to chocolate and then blend into the coffee's lingering, sweet finish.

Best Roast: Medium


The best Hawaiian Kona coffee beans are grown at about 2,000 feet above sea level on the fertile slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai Volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona coffee is known for its rich yet light and delicate taste with a complex aroma. Different farms will have slightly different coffees under their own brand, but shouldn't be a blend.


Clearly one of the world's best premium coffee beans, this is listed last but certainly isn't the least of the best coffees in the world. Kenya AA coffee is grown at more than 2,000 feet above sea level on Kenya's high plateaus. The AA refers to the biggest screen size in the Kenya coffee grading system with specifications that the beans are just a little more than one-fourth inch in diameter.

Lastly, but not least, my favorite coffee is from Ecuador. In particular I love coffee from the Galapagos. Recently, I returned with a variety of domestic and farm to table products. Also, very interesting is a CBD infused coffee from Banos... very relaxing!

Have a great weekend, enjoy your favorite coffee with great company. Cheers!

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