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Why Bark doesn't Bite.

Bark is business lead generation company, or so they claim. I personally have spent over $1000, and thus far have not made one sale. In fact a client who was using the service to find a private chef, eventually found me on Google. And this was after I paid for the lead. Friends, save your money. You are better off hiring a marketing professional or doing your own lead generation via social media and your own website.

Here are a few more random reviews provided by sitejabber.

I purchased a starter package with Bark. Have used nearly all of my credits which is about 10 customers. Contacted all of the leads by email and phone, with no response from any of them. One was a customer who apparently asked for me personally to contact them, and got no response. Feel like this place creates fake leads to get your money. Would highly advise against using your hard earned money for this sight. There are several other ways to promote and get business!

Tip for consumers: Bogus leads!! Products used: Starter pack for businesses! Equivalent to approximately 10 leads for over $100

I should have read the honest reviews before purchasing leads, which are VERY expensive and have almost 0% ROI. They really get you with their sleek interface and make purchasing leads and their "get hired guarantee" a seemingly no brainer situation, when in reality it is deception. These leads are recycled, there is no guarantee that they are real, and they are not serious buyers. These are people looking for very cheap services, not professionals. Use your money elsewhere and don't give this company any more of your time or funding!

Tip for consumers: Sellers, beware! The "interested clients"you purchase expensive leads for are not serious buyers and seem to be looking for extremely cheap services rather than quality services from a licensed professional. You will waste your money as well as continue to fuel this company if you purchase leads from them. Just saying! Products used: Purchased leads to contact potential clients about my professional services

These people are thieves. They got my husbands credit card information from somewhere, and have been charging us money since 2 months. We didnt pay attention at that time. Recently when going through our statement we found this transaction on our account.

I was surprised, We never received their spam emails or anything ever.

After reading all these review, it is now confirmed these people are scammers and Thieves too.

Sometimes one has to resort to such tactics to protect the consumer at large. Remember, you have your right to an opinion, and if you are not satisfied with a product or shouls speak up! Cheers.

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