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Your first Chef Consulting Job.

What is a chef consultant?

A chef consultant is a highly experienced culinary expert who is able to advise and leverage their foodservice expertise to observe, analyze and provide a range of solutions to restaurants and foodservice businesses. Whether it’s in a hotel, chain or independent restaurant – or even an equipment company or F&B supplier – chef consultants can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of different operations and provide solutions for how to achieve a more streamlined, efficient business. Food consultants often specialize in a particular area.

What does a chef consultant do?

There’s no limit to what a chef consultant can do, and every day on the job might look completely different. However, projects will range from supporting new ventures – i.e. defining the operation of whole kitchens, from planning to opening day, including menu development and supplier selection – to consulting on projects that are already up-and-running to help identify and improve operational shortcomings.

The responsibilities of a chef consultant include:

  • Concept development

  • Menu development

  • Business model audit

  • Defining kitchen processes

  • Optimizing inventory procedures

  • Evaluating and identifying suppliers

  • Food waste and cost analysis

  • Training

  • HACCP (food safety and food quality)

  • Sustainability

How much does a chef consultant earn?

The salary of a chef consultant can vary largely depending on the background and experience of the consultant, including their education, certifications and additional skills and expertise. However, sources report that in general, the salary of a chef consultant in the United States ranges between $53,000 and $75,000, with an average of $62,300.

How a Culinary Consultant Works With Kitchen Management

In the kitchen management realm, the culinary consultant can help with recipe and menu development. They can also assist kitchen staff training and food cost control in order to improve efficiency, organization, and profitability. Another valuable offering is the mystery dinner service. This is when the consultant performs a discrete restaurant audit to reveal the truth about how your restaurant is being managed. Also, the mystery diner’s highly trained eye, accompanied by subtly-obtained photographic and even video documentation, can pick up on the issues that are holding your establishment back from achieving the outstanding revenue and stellar reputation that will help contribute to your success for many years to come.

Furthermore, if it’s time for a restaurant makeover or if you find yourself in an all-out restaurant crisis, a culinary consultant can be a lifesaver. During the makeover process, a culinary consultant conducts full business assessments. This ranges from front to back end, identifying existing problems and looming risks recommending optimal staff training strategies, developing solutions, helping inject fresh ideas, and implementing key changes that will make your restaurant shine without sacrificing essential elements of your brand identity. In the case of a crisis, the culinary consulting team will study your specific case inside and out. They will make recommendations and put together specifically designed action plans. Also, they will help you with damage control, communications, and ultimately the resolution of your crisis.

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