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Private Chefs

Food You Deserve

Have you ever considered a career as a personal/private chef? Give me shout, and you could be cooking for the stars!

How to become a private chef

It all starts here!

Preparing Eggplant

We have the plan ready for you!

This is your new future in the culinary arts.  For the remainder of 2021 Dinner Thyme is offering a full training program for Personal/Private chefs.

Mini Hamburgers

How it Works

Doesn't matter if you are a curious home cook with flair or a professional chef.  You can be earning $30-50 per hour running your own business.  Set your own hours, cook what you love, and pick your customers!

Main Course Gourmet Meal

So what does it Cost?

Naturally it's not a free program.  But it's not that expensive either.  When you consider the cost of opening a restaurant or catering company you are looking at $500,000 plus.  Until the end of 2021, you can get on board for as little as $149 for a basic business plan, or $249 for a comprehensive pan with support.

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