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Introducing Dinner Thyme's New Chef, Mariana Casas Cortazar

Dinner Thyme is excited to introduce Mariana as our new Executive Chef for Dinner Thyme onsite events & private catering. Let's learn more about her background and what she brings to the table!

Mariana hails from Chihuahua, Mexico, the northernmost region of the country. She now resides in Canada and holds degrees in both nutrition and culinary arts. Mariana leverages her knowledge from these degrees to create unique and interesting recipes.

Mariana's culinary journey began like many chefs, working at fast-food restaurants before moving on to more high-end establishments. She started working as a cold line chef at "La Casona," the most important and elegant restaurant in Chihuahua state, where she honed her expertise in Mexican gourmet food, one of her specialties. Afterwards, she transitioned to Italian cuisine, where she worked as a Head Chef and Pizzaiola for the "Perperoncino" Italian food brand.

Mariana's passion for event catering began when she worked at the Convention and Exposition Center in Chihuahua State, where she was initially a Sous Chef and eventually an Event Coordinator. She fell in love with the event world and continued her career as an Executive Chef at the "Quality Inn Hotel." Mariana has also worked as a consultant for "Cedar Oak Cafe" in St. Marys, Georgia, and as a nutritionist at "Functional Food" Clusters in Mexico.

Mariana believes that wine is a crucial component of any delicious meal. She was a pioneer in promoting wine culture in Chihuahua State. Later, she decided to pursue her passion for event catering and worked as a private chef in Miami, Florida. Currently, Mariana is the owner of the brand "Mariana Mexicana," which specializes in traditional Mexican desserts and pastries.

To get things off to a spicy start, Mariana is offering a hybrid cooking class and three course dinner focusing on basic Mexican Cuisine. To make it interesting, she will also include an introductory Spanish language workshop. If you would like to join us CLICK HERE!

¡Que tengas un fin de semana maravilloso y esperamos verte pronto!

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