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For this second installment of my return to Newfoundland, i wanted to focus a little more on food, culture and the suburban areas around St Johns. of course old St Johns is the place to be for entertainment, and nightlife...but what else is there to do. St johns and its surrounding areas are also full of things to do and see. Friday I will also introduce you to my chum Marcel and his very interesting life and the hotel he owns and manages at the hub of St Johns. The following slideshow gives an excellent example of the many things to do in the greater St Johns area. Things to do might include boat tours for whale watching, dining in many excellent establishments from fine dining to an amazing selection of ethnic and local flavours. The shopping, like the dining is exceptional as well. I found that I there a vast amount of great little shops selling everything from chocolate to hemp wear and Newfoundland novelties. About the only thing I can say negatively is the cost of groceries, gas and public transportation. St Johns is very big and although the town itself is small, the suburbs like Mount pearl, Paradise and Portugal Cove are pretty far from the core. All in all, St Johns is great value, and great fun! The provinces to the west could learn a lot about tourism. I say this from experience, being that I live in Prince Edward County in Ontario, and find the offerings are boring in comparison, and much more expensive. Stay tuned Friday for my final installment on St Johns, and a special message from my Amigo Marcel, owner of the Captains Quarters. Cheers, and happy hump day!


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